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Vacation Bible School

It is so fun to be involved at a church that offers a Vacation Bible School (VBS) experience for anyone child who lives in our community. The team who is coordinating our VBS is working hard to create an amazing experience for any children who attends this event.

With all the planning for our VBS, I found myself reflecting about my VBS experience. I have many special memories of that time in my life. My first memory is the music. I have always loved music, and VBS was a time that introduced me to new songs. My aunt was an amazing pianist, and every year she would find new songs for us to learn and then sing to the congregation on Sunday. So fun!

I remember the Bible stories we learned. The one thing VBS offered us was different ways to learn the stories. There were story boards, activities, and crafts around each message. All of these helped provide a strong foundation for my faith.

Of course, like any kid, I had a blast during VBS with my cousins and church friends. Living in the country, I didn’t see my school friends during the summer. My summer activities revolved around family, church, and community. Those relationships from my youth are still strong because the church was the core of our small community.

The mothers of my little country church always planned a special week for the kids. Looking back, I now have a new appreciation for all the work they put into planning those five days of VBS. To make Westbrook’s VBS a special week for our children in our community, many hands are needed. There are a number of ways to help. If you haven’t had a chance to volunteer, take a minute to think about how you can help.


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