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The Westbrook Pathway is the development track that gives us a framework to integrate people into our church community. This pathway focuses on giving practical ways to carry out our mission to be a place where people can belong, become like Jesus, and be a blessing.

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We invite people to come join our services and be a part of our community. As people connect relationally, we invite them to join us for our Next Steps Lunch where we get the opportunity to tell them about our church and they get to meet our staff.


Foundations I & II

As people connect relationally we invite them to take our Foundations classes as a way to integrate them as part of our community regardless of the stage of their faith. Our Foundations classes utilize the Alpha curriculum combined with key elements of our church's mission and vision.


Joining a small group and or serving on a ministry team at church are ways that people can engage with our church beyond simply attending on Sundays. Small groups are where people connect, learn, serve, and care for one another. Serving on a ministry team is an opportunity to give of yourself and receive far more than you could ever give.

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Bless & Impact

We want to be a blessing to the world, and we do this by serving the poor and marginalized and by sharing our faith. We believe when people do these two things, they love other people by attending to their physical needs and tell them the greatest news of all time. We utilise out outreach team to work with community partners and we use the B.L.E.S.S practices as a framework to share our faith. 

The Westbrook Pathway

Hey, If we haven't met before my name is Kevin Sharpe and I am the Lead Pastor at Westbrook Community Church. We want everyone to join us in being a caring community where all can belong, become like Christ and be a blessing to the world. This Pathway is how you do it, even though we realize that it is not always linear. Some people may do parts of this pathway in different orders. But that’s fine, just join us on the pathway.  

If you have any questions about this pathway or want to discuss it more please feel free to reach out to me

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