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Sights and Sounds of English Language Learners

I thought it would be appropriate for you to hear from our learners themselves, so I asked them why they come to study English. Here’s what some of them wrote…

From my Advanced English Class-

  • Ludmilia from Ukraine, “I want to feel comfortable. I want to understand and speak English.”

  • Natalie from Ukraine, “I’m learning English to understand Americans better.”

  • Anna from Ukraine, “I am studying English because I need help my children with homework.”

  • Luba from Siberia,,Russia, “I live in America for 21 years. I go to ELL class to “refresh” my English. I’m retired and think I have to do something to keep myself to use English.

  • Wenzhong He from China, “Because this is a necessary tool for me to live and work in the United States. And I’m working at my listening so that I’ve got to enhance the ability of my listening."

  • Nina from Russia, “I study English because need good communication between people. I have English class because I live in the USA and I must know America’s language.”

  • Paul from Ukraine, “First of all, I learn English to improve my skills. I have got more experience for my new job. It takes me to be fluently more with people. I with flexible speaking on different themes.”

From students who are individually tutored because they are unable to

come to class-

  • Mili from Guatemala, “Thank you very much Julie for your help. The truth is that I have already heard from my lawyer, if it hadn’t been for you, he wouldn’t have called me!”

  • Kimberly from Guatemala, “Hello! I would love to meet with you. I am available all week during the day (I work at night) and on weekends I am available in the mornings. Let me know if this schedule works for you.”

From students in the beginning English class-

  • Dmitry and Alona from Russia- We want to learn English to communicate better with Americans. (translated!)

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