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Outreach and Missions

God has always been in communication with His people. In the Old Testament, God communicated by speaking directly to servants with whom He had close fellowship. Two examples are Moses and Noah. God also used visions to speak with people as He did with Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. God also used prophesy numerous times to tell of immediate events and future events. Lastly, Jesus performed multiple miracles and healed countless people to demonstrate He was God.

After the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus, the New Testament was written. God communicates and gives us a roadmap for life through the New Testament.

A primary way God communicates to non-Christians today is through the actions of Christians. People who do not know about the Christian God make judgements by observing the actions of Christians.

This is why the Outreach and Missions arm of Westbrook Church is action oriented.


  • Analyze and choose worthwhile programs outside the church to donate to. These are both local and outside the United States.

  • Set a budget for monies to be responsibly given.

  • Pray for those we work with.

  • Participate in activities.

  • Seek new opportunities to serve people and build bridges.

The focus is to build relationships that show that we serve a God of love. We worship a God who wants a loving relationship with everyone He created.

Is this a calling – a passion for you? Do you desire to help show people that Christianity is about a loving God and serving people? Then consider serving on the Outreach and Missions Committee. Help demonstrate the love of God through relationship and bridge building.

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