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Faithful Friends Who are Near to You?

Christmastime brings out nostalgia, fabulous foods, we may indulge in once a year, and songs we enjoy for such a short time (unless you listen to KOOL 108!). During the Christmas season people tend to reflect and be more open to spiritual thoughts, activities and peace on earth good will towards men!

Kevin has been talking to us about how all of us are a part of links when it comes to building relationships with God. Christmas time for me was a very beginning link. That’s when I understood for the very first time that God wanted to have a relationship with me. Someone talked to me about that, my dad. So glad he did!

Maybe this Christmas season you could be a link for someone? Is there someone you have been praying for? Someone who enjoys Christmas music or good food? Someone who might just come for an Advent event just because it’s Christmas time? Well, Westbrook’s Annual Women’s Christmas Brunch might just be a link for you to invite a friend or family member to join you in attendance. All those ingredients- Christmas decorations, eating really great food, creatively learning how to enhance your culinary skills (Angie Larson), listening to fun Christmasy music (Kris Tewinkel and friends), and a reflective short talk pointing to Jesus (Laura Crosby) are a part of the event. December 3rd at Westbrook Church 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. You sure won’t want to miss it! Because after all “faithful friends who are near to us, gather near to us once more.”

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