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Difficult Questions

I have always enjoyed the question asked in a joke by the comedian Professor Irwin Corey. “What is man’s greatest invention? Answer: the thermos. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. How does it know?”

There are other fun, difficult questions.

  • Why is it called a hamburger if it’s made from a cow?

  • Why does glue not stick to the inside of the bottle?

  • If marketing says something is both new and improved, what was it improving on?

  • Does a cyclops blink or wink?

  • Why is the person who invests your money called a broker?

  • Where does your mind go when someone says? “I’ve lost my mind”

Transitioning into a little more serious question.

  • If the universe continues to expand, what does it expand into?

Definitely, one of the most difficult questions is, “Is there intelligent design behind the universe?” Many lengthy books have been written and endless hours spent debating this on college campuses and among friends.

I would ask two questions that help lead to an answer.

  1. Could the human eye evolve over time? Several parts of the human body are needed. An eyeball; an iris; a retina; a pupil; a lens; an optic nerve heading to the brain. A brain is needed to process all of the information the eye gathers. Also, how was an eye imagined when it hadn’t yet existed? Can one piece develop, then eons later another part come along or does this all need to be created at once?

  2. Every butterfly has four stages of life. An egg; a caterpillar; a chrysalis, an adult. I ask the same question. Can one stage develop, then eons later another stage comes along or does this all need to be created at once? If only an egg exists before the other three parts- how does it reproduce?

For me, it is ludicrous to think an eye or butterfly could evolve one piece at a time over millions of years. These two examples alone demonstrate the absolute necessity for intelligent design.

Are there actions that convince you that God is the creator of the universe?

The God of the Bible tells us how He created the world and the universe in the creation story. This is why there is the verse in the song, “We worship an awesome God!”

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