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Being a Blessing to the Community

Hello Westbrook Community. As you know, we are a church that LOVES to be a blessing! Last Saturday, a group of our kids/youth students and their families had the opportunity to show some love to our community by restoring the shelter at McKnight Park. Thankfully the Saturday we chose just so happened to be the nicest day of the whole year!

As we arrived in our ready-to-be-stained clothes, we prayed to dedicate this project to God and got right to work. During this project, some went around sanding the entire shelter, while others worked to pull hundreds of nails and staples from the walls. Once we finished, the whole team worked together to apply a stain finish to the entire outside of the shelter. It took us just about 5 hours to complete, and the difference is incredible! The shelter looks beautiful!

One of the coolest moments of this outreach event was talking to the dozens of people who walked past and thanked us for our hard work. Many of the families stopped to ask who we were and why we were doing this. It was an incredible opportunity to be a light to the community by being the hands and feet of Jesus. It was also a great way to show the community we are a church that is willing to get our hands dirty (literally!) to be a blessing.

The students had a blast and laughed and worked together while having fun singing along to the music we had playing. We finished the afternoon with some well-deserved hot dogs, cookies, and snacks. A huge shoutout to all the families that helped make this a success!

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