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What I learned at a Family Reunion

All of us experienced different family structures growing up. Some of us had large, extended families and others were single children. I had the joy of getting to know four cousins who were all very nice. We have stayed in contact to this day. We had a reunion a few months ago.

I learned that the husband of my cousin Nancie had written a book about the twenty-year struggle his son had with alcoholism. I asked for a copy of the book and I read it. I believe it is worth sharing.

The author, Jon Sorenson, is a Christian. In fact, he has been on the staff at Grace Church. He also, is very honest about his shortcomings in dealing with his son’s behavior. Hence the title of the book, STOP prolonging Your Loved One’s Addiction- How your “helping” may actually be hurting.

Let me quote from the book. Jon states why he wrote it. “ This book is a 21- day devotional. Each devotional chapter contains a practical, easy- to- read lesson (usually with a personal story) on how to positively influence your loved one to a life of sobriety- in addition to things you should avoid doing that can prolong or exacerbate their addition. I also include Biblical inspiration, purposeful prayer, and topic related questions to reflect on yourself or discuss in a small group. In effect, this book is a repository of must have information I wish I had received at the onset of Chris’s addition."

There are 20 short chapters each containing the word stop. Examples are Stop Enabling; Stop Negotiating; Stop Confronting, Start Understanding. Every chapter does have a takeaway; a prayer; scripture. The 21st chapter contains the word Start- Start Trusting – Really Trusting- God.

I truly hope there is no one reading this who is enduring the gut-wrenching emotional pain and anguish from having a loved one or friend who is living and struggling with addiction.

If there is someone, maybe this book could be of some help. It can be purchased on Amazon. Jon’s website is Jon is open to speaking with anyone.

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