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We are beginning our capital initiative called For the Future where we want to finish up the last 10% of our building so we can be ready to do all that God wants us to do in the future. So as a part of this initiative we have been having Vision Nights in different people’s homes. It is a smaller group that gathers to hear what is happening in the church and what our plan moving forward is. These nights have been so good to connect with people and hear how God has used Westbrook to touch and change lives. My favorite part of the evening has been when we just open the meeting up and anyone can share about how God has used Westbrook in their lives.

One person shared how the student ministry has been such a blessing to their children’s lives and how an older student in the youth group came to faith in Christ and he invited his younger sister, and she came to faith as well. Or another person shared how during a difficult time right after a miscarriage, two women from the prayer team prayed for her after the service and God met her there and ministered His comfort and grace. Another person shared how at a recent funeral the small group of the man who died just served and did so much work so that the family could celebrate and grieve their loss in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It was a great example of the church being the church. Another person shared how her small group has become so close and she cherishes the fact that she can be vulnerable and honest, and people just keep loving her. Another person shared that while she was listening to the Links Series this last fall, she decided she needed Jesus in her life. How cool is that.

I could go on and on. But the point is God is about changing lives and He is doing it here at Westbrook. If you have a story of how God has changed your life at Westbrook, please share it with us. I feel fortunate to be your pastor and I love this community and all of you in it!

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