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Making Summer Memories

Can you believe Summer is almost over? Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are officially here – I may even be drinking one right now. Kids are getting ready for school to start again and I’m sure some parents can’t wait for that to happen. But before you put away the swimsuits for the sweatpants, there is still time to celebrate what was an amazing Summer! For us in the Student Ministry, we are celebrating in a big way! We call it “Youth Retreat.”

Youth Retreat is a time for students to enjoy the last weekend of Summer: hanging with friends, playing fun games, and making as many memories as they can squeeze into the last bit of Summer. This year our retreat will consist of beach games, go karting, night games, late night ice cream runs, and so much more! As much fun as we will have playing games and staying up late eating pizza and ice cream, what makes youth retreat truly special is the time we will spend in the presence of God. Spending the night around the bonfire sharing stories on how God has changed our lives, worshipping together, praying, and reading our Bibles in the morning... it’s these times that stay with you. As we prepare the transition into the fall season, we believe Youth Retreat will build strong Godly friendships as well as ignite a fresh faith inside each student. We are so excited for what is happening with the youth at Westbrook Church. Thank you for all your support in this ministry.

Youth Retreat Details:

August 27-28

Friday at 3pm to Saturday at 9 pm

Register here ($40) - Youth Retreat Registration

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