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How to build a church (building)

By Dick Larson

Starting with a dream many years ago our own church building has become a reality. Last October we were looking at a grassy field. It was hard to imagine what was to be accomplished. Soon we saw dirt moving, concrete footings poured, walls rising up, and a roof installed. Today a beautiful structure stands in that grassy field.

I have had the wonderful privilege of being a small part of the building committee that worked hard at making our new church building a reality. This could only have happened with the help of our church family. Ten people, each with their own team of people worked in all areas of building construction and furnishing. This group met via Zoom every two weeks starting in October to talk about our progress, successes and challenges. Weekly meetings with Kinghorn, our contractor, helped us learn of the steps to come.

When I first looked ahead at working with a group of people to get our building built it seemed like a daunting task. The group of people selected to act as the building committee each had their talents and expertise. Some had worked on preliminary plans months and years before I came along. I wasn’t sure how I would fit in with this group. After all, I was the “new kid on the block”. Most of the team I didn’t know well and some I hadn’t even met before. They all had “history” together. I was surprised at how welcomed I felt. I was certainly blessed to work with such a fine group of individuals. Everyone jumped in with one objective, build the building. I believe God did a fine job of putting this team together.

As we round the corner to completion of our building I feel grateful and proud to be a part of this accomplishment. I am so privileged to have worked with this building committee to make it happen. We will have a beautiful building and with God's help we will be a blessing to the community and the world around us!

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