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Feed my starving children

2020 has been quite a difficult year for many, and COVID-19 has created a real struggle for Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) who feeds hungry children in 104 countries around the globe. Their Christian Mission is the belief that Jesus Christ called us to feed the hungry and serve those in need, and to do this with the help of volunteers to pack nutritious meals to be distributes around the world.

During the height of the pandemic, and many locations locked down, meal packing came to a halt. They had to temporarily resort to machine packing, but that drives up the cost of each meal packed, thus decreasing the number of meals they can financially afford to pack. Since the lockdowns across the country, they have re-opened their doors to volunteer meal packers with safety measures and social distancing in place. However, they have continued to struggle to fill much needed volunteer space with meal packers.

This is where Westbrook Community Church stepped in to help. During our time at FMSC, our 23 volunteers learned about their struggles, their impact around the world, how we can help support them both financially and through volunteer opportunities, and we packed as many meals as possible during our shift. Our volunteers stepped up to the challenge and set the new record for most meals packed in a single shift since there re-opening: 133 boxes which equals out to 28,728 meals, and 79 children being fed for an entire year. A huge thank you to all of those who participated!

If you would like more information on how you can help FMSC please visit their website at:

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