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Curious about Women's Fellowship?

Westbrook Women’s Fellowship had a strong start in its first few months in 2019, but then Covid-19 hit in the Spring of 2020 and they stopped the group. During 2020, the fellowship facilitators decided against meeting in-person or on Zoom. As the Covid restrictions started to lift, the women’s fellowship resumed, but with a different format. It seemed like a great time to try some new things.

Though they changed up the format, the facilitators also took time this past month to evaluate the changes and they learned a couple of things. The facilitators realized that the success of the group, pre-Covid, was based on developing relationships and allowing time for women to talk about their lives. They also realized the importance of prayer and praying for each other. As a result, they decided that over the summer they would return to the group’s format pre-Covid. Meetings start and end with prayer. Every woman has a chance to share what’s on her heart. There will be time for prayer requests. We hope you find a return to the old way refreshing!

So, what is Westbrook Women’s Fellowship?

It is a time for Westbrook Women to get to know each other a little bit deeper than on Sunday mornings. We share our struggles and joys, just hang out, and have fun. It’s a casual time to get to know women that you might not meet otherwise.

Sometimes we do crafts. The last time we did a craft, we made baskets for new neighbors. Ideas for future crafts are baby items for teenage moms and cards or lap blankets for people in long-term care facilities. The crafts give our hands something to do while we’re solving all the problems of the world.

Come join us on the fourth Tuesday of the month for a new return to the old way of doing things! For more information, email your questions to

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