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Catching up with covid

As most of know, COVID has forced us to make a number of changes in our personal and professional lives. Though most of us do not like change, we have adjusted our lives in this COVID environment. Some of the personal changes I have experienced this past year have been hard – like not having my sisters join my family for Thanksgiving. Other changes have been nice – like not wearing makeup.

As a church, we have experienced many changes too. We went from meeting face-to-face, to meeting fully online to our new hybrid of face-to-face and online services. When I first joined the Westbrook staff, developing an online ministry was not in our plans. It was something in our future, but it was not in development for 2020. However, plans changed and thanks to our talented team, we quickly developed an online ministry. If you have been watching us online, you will know that our look has changed a few times and with each change we have made improvements.

As COVID started to increase this fall we were pleased to see more people join our online service. Though we might sometimes resist change, our online ministry is making a positive impact. Here is what some people had to say about our online service:

The Sunday online service is my lifeline to Westbrook. It's how I stay connected in spite of my fears of catching the coronavirus. I like that the online service's music is live. I recognize people in the audience by the backs of their heads.The prerecorded message is so important to me. The message puts me in the proper frame of mind to embrace the week. Thank you, Westbrook, for continuing the online service. —Virginia Farris

The online service has been a lifeline for me. I am able to worship, grow spiritually from the messages and feel connected. I have watched other churches services, but it's not the same as my own church. As a high risk person during Covid 19, it is wise for me to stay home and feeling a part of things has been great. —Jean Ullrich

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