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Can I take a moment to celebrate our student leaders?

At the beginning of this school year, I posed a simple question to our guys' small group: 'How many of you have read your Bible at least once this past week?' I saw a few hands go up, but those hands went down when I asked if they had read for three, four, or five days.

From there, I challenged our guys to increase their level of Bible reading by one day. If they had read once, I encouraged them to aim for twice, and if they hadn't read at all, I suggested they start with just one day.

What I've witnessed in the past few weeks is truly transformational. One of our student leaders, Isaac, took the initiative to collect everyone's phone numbers and

connect with them on the Bible app. He began doing Bible plans together with them and sent encouraging texts, fostering a sense of community outside of our Wednesday night meetings.

I never asked him to do this or tried to coax him into leading these Bible plans. I simply watched in awe as he actively discipled the younger guys in our student ministry.

A few weeks later, when I asked the same question, 'How many of you have read your Bible at least once this past week?' every hand shot up. As I delved deeper, I realized that the majority of guys in our small group had read their Bibles every single day.

But this story is just a small part of the work our student leaders have undertaken this past month.

Another one of our student leaders, Onnaka, courageously took the stage and shared her high school experience. She talked about finding her identity in Christ and offered advice to other students on opening up to God about their fears. It was truly an incredible opportunity for students to mentor other students.

Our student leaders aren't just mentors; they're also servants. Lexi dedicated her time and talent to help paint our student room. It wasn't just that she was willing to do it; it was the care and attention she put into making it look great as we set up this space. This commitment to servant leadership has been contagious as I have had younger students ask how they can help and where they can get involved.

Since the start of this school year, Wednesday nights have been amazing. There's a consistently great energy in our student ministry, and most, if not all, of it comes from the students themselves.

Creating a place where students can belong has been incredible. Our student ministry isn't just a place for people to hang out with their friends; it's a place where students feel they have a stake in the direction of our ministry.

What amazes me even more is that this attitude isn't limited to student ministries; it's evident throughout our church. Small groups, outreach, and care ministries are all run by volunteers, and as a pastor, that's a blessing. It means our church isn't just a place for spectators; it's a place for people to actively engage in the work of the church.

Westbrook isn't just a place to attend; it's a place where everyone has the opportunity to become an integral part of our community. Westbrook is a place where people can belong, and where everyone has an opportunity to truly be a part of the fabric of our community.

If you ever want to get involved, there are always opportunities, and we'd love to have you engaged with our church.

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