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Be a Blessing

When Westbrook was preparing to open it’s doors for the first time on September 19, 2011, we sent out postcards to people living in the community. Each postcard gave insight to our vision as a church. The postcards described a church where all could belong, become more like Christ, and be a blessing to our community and the world.

The postcard which described our vision about being a blessing reads:

At Westbrook Community Church we want to pool our talents to make a difference for people in our community and the world around us. It seems that Jesus once said “it’s not just about us” we are serious about this “helping our neighbor” thing.

Guess what? Eleven years later we are still serious about this “helping our neighbor” thing.

In February we were all about impacting our community through the New Life Donation Drive. It was so fun to see the donations come in and thanks to you – it was a huge success. As a church, we donated the following items to New Life:

· Pack-n-plays: 4

· Strollers: 6

· Potty Seat: 2

· Bouncy Chair: 4

· Formula: 7

· Various children's clothes: 1 box

· Diapers/Pull-ups: 15 boxes

· Packs of wipes: 29

· Boxes of wipes: 9

· Target gift card

New Life is so thankful for the donations, and they are excited to use these items to bless the families they serve.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Love, INC event. At this event, I was remined how our partnership with this community organization helps us serve people in our community who are struggling. This past year, Love, INC served over 700 families and answered over 2,200 calls for help. Love, INC meets those needs by partnering with churches in Carver County. The specific division of Love, INC. that Westbrook partners with is Loads of Love. Loads of Love provides laundry and dishwashing supplies to people in our community who are in hardship.

Thank you for your donations of dish soap, dishwasher, and/or laundry detergent. Those donations are blessing people in our community.

Finally, we are blessing our community through our garden. Yes, Westbrook has a garden. Last year, members of Westbrook organized and planted a garden. As a result, the garden team donated 134 pounds of fresh vegetables to Bountiful Basket. This year the team is planning to donate even more to Bountiful Basket.

In order for Westbrook to continue to bless our community – we need you. So think about the following ways to help and let us know how you plan to use your talents to help your neighbor.

  • Can you donate dish soap, dishwasher and/or laundry detergent?

  • Are you willing to make deliveries for our Loads of Love program?

  • Do you love to garden?

  • Can you help weed or help with watering the plants in our garden?

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