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Write a Name, Say a Prayer

One of the strong motivations for starting Westbrook Church in 2011 was to reach people with the gospel message. It was to help people who didn’t have a relationship with Jesus and know him to put their trust in him. That has happened throughout our time together as many have put their trust and faith in Christ. And this remains one of the key values of our church.

Moving into a new building allows us to reach even more people with the good news of Jesus. To focus on this goal, we thought it would be fun to write the names of people you want to see come to faith in Jesus on the worship center floor. They could be friends, relatives, or co-workers that need to know the love and forgiveness of Christ. We would write it on the cement before they cover it with carpet and remember where we wrote it for the time when that person shows up at our church building.

They are putting down the carpet next week, so this Sunday, after our service, around 11:30 am, we would like you to drive over to our building and take a moment to write down the name of someone you are praying for to come to Christ. This Sunday will be our only chance to do that, but it will be significant as we continue to pray for these people and see what God does in their lives. Please make plans to do this on Sunday! See you then.

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