We often overlook the fact that much of Jesus’ ministry was spent with the people that he loved. He ate meals with them, prayed with them, discussed the truth with them, and cared for their needs.

Westbrook Community Church offers many ministry opportunities for your involvement.  Whether you'd like to participate or serve. there is a place for you.  

Student Ministries

Westbrook Student Ministry exists to integrate students into the church’s mission of belonging, becoming like Christ and blessing others.

Children's Ministries

Milestones in a child’s life call attention to important transformations. Celebrating these transformations together is an important spiritual discipline.

Worship Ministry 

Our worship ministry is a wonderful place to plug into if you have a gift for singing, playing an instrument or even the technical skills needed for our video and media ministries.

Small Groups

We aren't designed to navigate life alone. Instead, God created each of us to be in rich, authentic community with others. Life transformation happens best when people in our lives encourage, sharpen, and challenge us to become more like Christ.

Image by Tye Doring
Hospitality Ministries

Our hospitality ministry serves others by providing refreshments during services, special events as well as meals for those going through challenging times.  If you have a heart to serve others through hospitality, this may be a great fit for you.

Loads of Love 

We participate in the Loads of Love program, which contributes to LOVE INC., a ministry that provides basic needs to struggling families in our area.  As a church, we donate laundry supplies and deliver to families in need.

Image by Janine Meuche