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"Welcome to the greatest week of your life"

“Welcome to the greatest week of your life.” I read these words as our youth van drove through the entrance of the campsite I would go on to spend the next eight summers attending. These eight summers truly were the best of my life. I waited all year for these weeks to come. They were weeks full of crazy games, swimming at the lake, and building lifelong friendships. I had more fun and made more memories there than anywhere else. The best and most memorable part of camp however wasn’t the games, the swimming, or the late-night games. What made this the best week of my life was the life changing encounters I had in the presence of God. Each week I came home a changed person. There is something so special about a place where hundreds of teenagers come together for a week with one purpose: to meet with Jesus. It was a holy place. These weeks shaped me, and I am deeply grateful for the impact they have had in my life.

This Summer our youth will have the opportunity to have the greatest week of their life. There are so many camps that teenagers have the chance to go to. Some will help them with their athletics, some will open their eyes to new hobbies, and even give them some solid friendships. These are all awesome and we encourage them! There is nothing however, more important than spending a week in the presence of God. Youth Camp leaves a lasting impact in the lives of every student. If you are a parent or know of any student who wants to have the greatest week of their life I encourage you, send them to camp.

You can register for camp here: Camp Registration

We have scholarships available for any students who need them. If you have any questions, please contact:

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