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This Sunday our youth ministry will be serving specialty coffee, hot chocolate, and pumpkin pie before and after both services to raise money for camps, conferences, and youth nights! (This may be the only acceptable time to eat pie before noon!) The money that you give will go to different events that the students will attend throughout the year. The events we are fundraising for have three essential outcomes each time:

  1. The students encounter the presence of God and leave changed. We pray before every event that the presence of God would show up. We come to these events expectant and ready for God to speak. When you set aside time for God He always shows up.

  2. The students build friendships that are long lasting and become essential to their own spiritual walk. What every teenager needs is to be surrounded by good, life-giving friends. Can I get an amen from the parents?! Camps, conferences, and youth nights bring students together in ways that stick with them for a long time. There are so many memories that are made at these events, whether it’s crying from laughing, or crying from the worship service, (there’s a lot of crying... but you were a teenager once you know what it’s like!) It’s so fun to watch these friendships form.

  3. Student’s friends who would normally not come to church come to these events and experience God for the first time. These events are one of the greatest tools of evangelism for our youth ministry. We have fun games, good food, and prizes that help make it easier for students to invite their friends. We intentionally create an environment where students can be excited to come to. As we create that environment, the message of the Gospel never fails.

Like every aspect of the youth ministry, we can’t achieve these outcomes without you: parents, family members, and the local church. None of these events are possible without you. Thank you for partnering with us, in helping lead the next generation. Your giving truly does make an impact. You can donate by way of cash or credit card this Sunday!

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