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Say So

One of our church’s highlights every year is our baptism services. We usually do one in August and one in January. But in these services people share their stories of the links in their lives and how the Holy Spirit used those links for them to come to faith in Christ. We had one student share how God met him in his lowest point and changed his life. This story and life so impacted his younger sister that the next baptism she took the step of baptism and shared how her brother was one of the links that brought her to Jesus.

Another time we did a Sermon Series on Links. And people shared their stories of the different Links in their lives that brought them to faith in Jesus. She heard those stories and thought, “this is what I need in my life.” She put her faith in Jesus and got baptized last January. These stories are happening all the time in our church’s life. And baptism is a place where we can celebrate those stories and people can go public with their faith.

All baptism is, is an outward express of an inward reality. It is a way to stand up publicly and “Say So.” In Psalm 107:2 it says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord, say so. Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the adversary.” Baptism is a way to say so publicly and drive a stake in the ground around your faith.

We are doing our baptism service on August 20th this year. We will do two services and hear from the people being baptized and then we will get in our cars and go to Fireman’s Park in Chaska, do the baptisms in the lake there and then have a church picnic at the shelter in the park. It will be a great day to celebrate all that God is doing in our midst. If you would like to get baptized email me at or talk to anyone on staff. If you have already been baptized, please come, and celebrate all who take that important step to publicly “say so” about their faith in Jesus. It will be a great day!

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