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Operation Christmas Child

Each year, thousands of shoeboxes are sent out to over 150 countries around the world. The strange part? They are not just full of shoes. They are full of gifts!

Once again, Westbrook is helping impact the lives of others by packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child, a ministry branch of Samaritans Purse, needs churches like Westbrook to pack shoeboxes so they can impact lives across the world. These shoeboxes help open the doors for the Gospel. During the distribution of the shoeboxes, children receive these gifts and hear the Good News. This ministry reaches millions of children, who also share the message of hope with their family. The impact of this ministry multiplies new disciples, grows a community, and increases local church involvement.

Grab a box, shop for some gifts to fit in it, and bring it back to church or the church office by November 13th. You can also pick up a box at the church office (Monday through Thursday, 9am-3pm). Or you can use a shoebox from home!

On Samaritans Purse website, you can find links to different resources and more information about the packing, organization, and follow up discipleship models that their ministry follows.

Below are some links to resources from their website:

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