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Westbrook online ministry gets a new face

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Here at Westbrook Community Church, we believe the church is people, not a building. It is therefore our mission to reach people wherever they are at. Ever since March 2020, we have been living out this vision through our online ministry.

At Westbrook, we believe it is our mission to “go” and bring the love of Jesus to people wherever they are. We initially began livestreaming our services in 2020 in response to Covid19. As time progressed, attendees wanted to stay connected to Westbrook if they could not attend a service in person.

Within 6 months, our online presence has expanded greatly with attendee’s tuning in each week from across the country and even from around the world!

We are therefore excited to introduce a new look and face to our Westbrook Online Ministry which will launch on October 11th, 2020. This new online worship experience provides ways for attenders to:

  • Belong and become part of our community by connecting through the chat interface with one another during our services online.

  • Bless by serving online and praying for the online community.

  • Become like Christ by engaging with the message through several interactive tabs featured on the online platform such as a place to type teaching notes, the Bible, and a connect tab to submit an info card so that we can help you on your journey in becoming like Christ.

Just like our physical service, the Online service is for anyone who is curious about faith or wanting to grow in their faith.

Because we believe in the local church, launching an online service is not us saying to those who drive to church to, “stop attending church.” Rather, we believe that our online service is a 'front door' for new people that may be checking our church out. Our online service becomes a place of welcoming for people who may ultimately decide to attend our church in-person next Sunday or sometime soon. Our goal is still in-person attendance at our Sunday Service or getting people connected to a local church.

I am enthusiastic and thrilled about our new Online platform that will be launched in a couple of weeks. This tool makes it possible for us to reach our neighbors and the world for Christ.

Stay tuned for more information.

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