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He Loved Them

Have you ever experienced a setting where one person tries to fit in but as much as he or she tries, this person is still an outsider? This was the experience of the first followers of Jesus.

Without question, the perfect small group leader was Jesus – the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. The outsider of this group of 13 was Judas. We often think his last name was Iscariot but this simply means he was from Issachar (a town in southern Judea). All the other apostles were northerners from Galilee.

Even though Judas would betray Jesus, did Jesus really love Judas? Just before the betrayal, the Apostle John noted, “having loved his own which were in the world, he [Jesus] loved them unto the end” (John 13:1). This “them” included Judas.

Amazing love takes place in small groups. This is the place where everyone finds love and acceptance as willing followers of Jesus.

Small groups provide opportunities for focusing on Jesus and meeting others. The enemy of our souls tries to isolate us from the flock and tries to wedge his way between determined followers of Jesus. Don’t listen to him. In the end, isolation leads to separation.

Our small groups are starting up soon. We have a place for you and you will never feel like an outsider. If small home groups are something new to you, ask yourself: “Would this be a place where I can belong, become more like Christ, and be a blessing to the world?”

This almost sounds grandiose – even impossible. And it is! This is the stuff that not only turns our world right-side up, it turns the world around us upside down. We would love to see you become a part of a small group this fall. You can contact Kimberly Moorse at for more information about small groups.

Will Hope

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