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Children's Communion Class

At Westbrook Community Church, we come alongside our Westbrook Kids and their families to celebrate faith journey milestones. We want to support our families with 3rd-5th grade children in reaching the milestone of preparing our Westbrook Kids to join our church body in taking communion.

Have you ever wondered how to explain communion to your children? A big plate passes in front of them with small amounts of food that they aren’t allowed to eat, and the symbolism of body and blood can be very confusing. Some children don’t begin to develop abstract thinking capabilities until they have reached the preteen/junior high age, so they may not be able to understand clearly how the bread and drink are not actually the physical flesh and blood of Christ.

If you are a parent of a 3rd-5th grade child, who would like to learn about why Christians take communion, we encourage you to register for our parent/child communion class on Sunday, March 21st. Our communion class will take place in the cafeteria at Chaska High School at 11:15, following our worship service. You can register for our communion class using the QR code below.

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