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Two Miracles

In the last blog, I wrote about two miracles that I have personal knowledge of. A deeply imbedded brain tumor in a patient that disappeared during surgery and a gentleman who died during a skiing accident but came back to life. Here are two more miracles. Again, I personally know the people involved and can verify they are true.

Many of you may remember this tragic incident. On November 16, 2000, Edina police officer Mike Blood responded to a bank robbery in progress. When he arrived, he was met with fire from an automatic weapon. Mike was hit. The bones in his lower right leg were pulverized. While down, the bank robber walked over to Mike and calmly pumped two more rounds into his back. This is the horrific situation the wife of every police officer dreads might happen. Cheri Blood waited while Mike was in surgery for nine hours. Cheri was as shattered emotionally as much as Mike’s body was shattered physically. Then, instantaneously, it all changed. Cheri said, “When I went into his hospital room, I saw a multitude of angels surrounding Mike’s bed. I knew from then on, he was going to live.” Mike still had problems. His right leg bone was shattered. A section of bone was gone. His leg was full of shrapnel. The skin began to turn grey and die. The doctor said a decision would have to be made the next day whether they could keep the leg or if it would have to be amputated. Cherry rallied all of her friends to pray. The next day, a dumbfounded doctor walked into to their room and said, “I cannot understand this. The skin is a rosy pink. His leg will be fine.”

The next miracle involves a woman named Ema McKinley. Ema and I went to the same church. I knew her and worked with her brother for 21 years. Ema had an accident at work in 1993. Ema lost her balance and fell from a storage loft at work. Her foot lodged between boxes and her body hung upside down until found by a coworker.

Ema developed sympathetic dystrophy, known as RSD. This is a progressive nerve disorder that left her entire body crippled and in severe pain.

Ema was confined to a wheelchair. Her left hand clenched tight. Her hand unable to open. She was deformed so badly that she could not be wheeled through a door in a straightforward manner. She was confined to her wheelchair, but her spine twisted almost at a 90-degree angle sideways. Her shoulders and head hung off to the side.

The night before Christmas Eve, 2011, Ema fell out of her wheelchair. She lay on the floor for eight hours in excruciating pain. Ema cried out to Jesus for help. Jesus appeared. He reached out and touched her.

Ema explains. “I saw a white robe that was so bright I could hardly look at it. I could feel my crooked left foot straightening. I could feel Jesus straightening my neck and spine. My left hand which was clenched for 18 years was now being opened by Jesus one finger at a time. Jesus kneeled next to me, extended is hand to me and helped me stand. Then, I started to walk.”

Dr. Robert Stanhope, a department head, and respected Mayo Clinic physician stated, “I studied her medical records. This was a true miracle!”

The focus next month will be on the greatest miracle that ever happened.

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