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The God who is everywhere and right here

Since I work with kids and students so frequently, I get the opportunity to talk to them often about any variety of things. Kids seem to have a knack for bringing up random topics at the most absurd times. I remember one time I was just about to start the lesson in kids church when this boy ran up to me and began to have a one-sided debate with himself about the best Star Wars character.

When you were a kid, just like this boy, you were filled with a similar level of “childlike wonder”. It may not have been about Star Wars, but if each one of us were to journey deep into our mind, we likely can remember the feeling of wonder we had about different parts of life at that age. Wonder is the feeling of awe, amazement, and admiration that we have toward something that is captivating. It is the thing that forces us to look with wide eyes and to feel the excitement in our chest. It is the excited look your children get when they meet a superhero in real life that they have seen in the movies a thousand times.

As we grow older, our sense of wonder seems to fade at times, mainly because each thing that caused wonder when we were younger is now ordinary to us as we experience things again and again. However, despite our age, education, or experiences, I am firmly convinced that all of us can and should still be filled with wonder at the idea of our God. One aspect of God that constantly fills me with wonder is the idea of God’s omnipresence. Omnipresence means that God is everywhere at all times. The poetic language of Psalm 139 captures this essence in a way that few words can.

“7 Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? 8 If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.” - Psalms 139:7-8

When I think about the wonder of God, I am awestruck at the idea of an infinite God. In an ever-expanding universe, we have a God that fills every corner. In the vast emptiness of space, we have a God whose presence is felt by every detail. Yet, despite the wonders of our infinite God who touches every corner of the universe He created, that same God who is everywhere is still right here. He is with us. He is our constant companion. Our friend. Our Shepherd. Our Savior.

We have an infinite God who holds the world in his hands and at the very same time holds our hand as well. As you spend the rest of your time today, I encourage you to reengage with the childlike part of you and bask in the wonder of an infinite God who is everywhere and is also right here.

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