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Loads of Love

In 2021 over 12,000 volunteer hours served 700 households meeting over 2,500 needs. Now there’s something to celebrate.

Love INC. partners with churches to serve the community of Carver County. The specific division of Love INC. that Westbrook partners with is Loads of Love. Loads of Love provides laundry and dishwashing supplies to meet the needs of those in the community. Westbrook has been supplying laundry and dishwashing supplies for almost 11 years. Loads of Love and other agencies under Love INC. are responding to needs NOT being met by other agencies. These unmet needs emerge out of hardship, barriers, and disadvantages that our neighbors experience.

As a church, Westbrook members have been meeting the needs for Loads of Love every week by donating supplies. Our Westbrook volunteers who manage the Loads of Love deliveries say thank you for your donations.

We also want to thank St. Hubert Catholic Church. A few weeks ago, St. Hubert's did a Love INC supply drive requesting that their members donate items to Love INC. Thanks to that drive, Westbrook received a carload full of laundry and dishwasher supplies. Seeing this donation, shows us how strong we can be when we work together.

There are two ways you can be involved. Bring donations of laundry and dishwashing supplies to the church. Or volunteer to deliver the donations to the people receiving the supplies.

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