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How many grown adults come to believe in Santa Claus?

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have favorites you listen to? I enjoy Dr. John Lennox. He has authored several books. Two being Gods Undertaker- has Science buried God? and Cosmic Chemistry. He is a Professor of mathematics at Oxford. He is a very gentle man who is a sincere Christian. His passion is proclaiming that Christianity is true. Therefore, Dr. Lennox debates atheists. You can find many of his debates and lectures on YouTube.

Let me share some of the highlights from a podcast titled “What is truth?”

Criteria for truth

  • coherent within itself

  • “cog” into reality. Meaning it has to fit within reality

Our world view determines our view of truth. Someone views the world as top down or bottom up.

Top down world view for Christians is the belief in the creator God and that we can know Him.

Bottom up says there is only mass (matter) and energy. Everything is explained in terms of physics and chemistry. Everything came into being due to a mindless, unguided process that had no outcome intended. Nothing x no one = everything. Life evolved from goo to zoo to you. This can also be called materialism.

Bottom up believers state modern science and Christian religion are not compatible.

Dr. Lennox emphatically disagrees. He gives an example that science and Christianity do not have to be incompatible. “Think of the Ford engine. Are you required to say that only one piece of evidence is responsible for the Ford engine? Must you choose either Henry Ford or the internal combustion engine and clever mechanics? No. One explains the science and other is a personal agent who conceived of the engine.”

Bottom up philosophy believes that science is the only way to truth. This is called scientism. Dr. Lennox would counter that this is not a statement of truth. Claiming that science is the only truth is logically incoherent and breaks one of the requirements for truth. Dr. Lennox states that if pressed, these people will profess the “fine tuning” of the universe is a difficult reality for them to explain.

Bottom up proponents also claim Christian belief is based upon blind faith (faith without evidence) and that faith is a religious concept. First of all, faith is not a Christian invention. Faith is present everywhere. We have faith our car will start; our airline flight will land safely and numerous more examples every day. Dr. Lennox would counter that Christian faith is not blind and that God is verifiable. The evidence he presents is:

  • If there is a creation, there must be a creator - especially with the complexity and “fine tuning” found in everything.

  • Biochemistry. Random and unguided processes cannot produce cellular complexity. For example, each one of us has 13.4 billion pieces of DNA code within our 10 trillion cells.

  • Historical and archeological evidence

  • Personal experiences

  • Human reason

  • Miracles

  • The Bible

    • A handbook how to live well

    • Validity and accuracy of prophesy

    • Historical accuracy and validation

The most important evidence is that God has revealed Himself to us. This is a fascinating dimension to truth. Ultimately “truth is a person - the person of God”- not just a concept. You get to know a person by their characteristics. God has made his values and expectations very clear in the Bible. God got personal by visiting earth as Jesus Christ. Jesus told so many stories and spoke His ideas very clearly that there is no need to guess who Jesus was and what is the character of God. In John 14:6, Jesus very clearly stated, “I am the Truth.” He did not say “I speak the truth.”

There is ample evidence that Santa Claus is make believe and is not true. Man created Santa Claus. No one came to believe in Santa Claus as an adult. There is enough proof that God created a top down universe. It is clear that God is real. God created all of us. He is truth.

There is much joy and economic benefit to justify celebrating Santa Claus. We should also partake in the benefits and joy of knowing the person of Christ.

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