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Come, and bring your gifts.

It’s that time of year again – and maybe you are like me, listening to the Christmas music helps me get in the mood. There are many songs out there that I love to listen to, but in recent years Little Drummer Boy by For King and Country has become a favorite. This is one of the simplest songs and one of the first ones you probably remember as a kid. But what they did with that simple song, made me listen again to the lyrics, and it’s a powerful message. There is so much power and energy in their version of this song. Here are some of the things I think about as I listen. 

It starts with the first line, “Come they told me”.   An invitation to something special. An invitation from people who have been moved by something. It is also an invitation from Jesus. That is what Jesus asks us to do – just come. You don’t have to fix something first, or get something in order, come as you are. Don’t let things get in the way – no excuses – just come and see. 

As the song develops, we realize that the drummer boy feels he has no gifts, no talents, nothing to offer the new King. Maybe you have felt unworthy – thinking you are poor in spirit and not fit for the King. It’s okay, I think we all have had that feeling. The gift of Jesus can’t really be for me. But then the boy takes inventory of the one thing he feels he can do, and he shows up, gives it a shot, and plays his drum. 

You can imagine him starting out slow and quiet, maybe a little scared and intimidated. But he keeps going, playing his drum. Then it happens. The song says, “Mary nodded, and the ox and lamb kept time”.  Can you imagine the encouragement he felt! He got some positive reinforcement from those around him, he felt acceptance. He kept playing, maybe a little louder and with more confidence. 

He started to play his best. He offered everything he had to the King. And then Jesus smiled at him! He and his drum were acknowledged, and his heart must have just welled up!  

Jesus just wants us to come, and bring whatever gifts and talents we have. They don’t need to be perfect; they don’t need to be exceptional; he just wants us to do our best for Him.  

Jesus came for us, He gave His best for us, He ultimately gave His life for us. Christmas is such an exciting time to celebrate, but we know it’s just the beginning of Jesus’ story here on earth. Maybe we can all take a lesson from this – let's come, bring our gifts – and see what happens. 

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