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Christmas Choices

Christmas is a busy time. So many choices we must make. Where will we celebrate the holidays? Who are you buying presents for? Do we buy a real or synthetic Christmas tree? What Christmas traditions are you eager to continue? Who gets the Christmas fruit cake?

God made many Christmas choices surrounding the birth of Jesus.

Jesus was born in an animal stable because there was no room in any inn.

  • This signifies that in the future the hearts of many people will not make room for Jesus.

  • Jesus was born in Bethlehem which was a fairly insignificant city.

  • It shows the incredible humility. Why do you think God chose to enter the world in such a way?

Jesus was born during the time the Roman Empire controlled the known world. While the Romans were cruel conquerors, they did create The Pax Romana- the Roman peace. This did make relatively safe travel possible. This allowed Mary and Joseph the ability to travel to Bethlehem for the birth and fulfill the prophesy.

An angel appeared to the shepherds nearby.

  • There is speculation that these shepherds may have taken care of the sheep that were used for sacrifice in the temple.

  • What is certain is that shepherds were treated as second class citizens because they were always in the field and could not participate in the ceremonial washing. These are the first people God chose to tell that the savior was being born. God loves and wants to make Himself available to everyone He created- even those shunned by society.

Angels also were “praising God and saying Glory to God in the highest” Luke 2:13,14. They are saying,” This is the royal birth of God’s son.” Christmas is not only about the birth of Jesus- it is also about His deity.

Aspects of this plan are difficult for humans to fathom.

  • What was really involved in God becoming a baby?

  • Jesus was fully God and fully human.

  • The true meaning of the birth and death of Jesus is love.

What is the most important choice we make? Do we allow God to live in our hearts and lives? Do we praise God and also seek His face?

What is the best gift we can give to ourselves? Make the choice to receive the gift of love that God wants to give us. This gift will last past Christmas and through eternity. We just have to accept it.

I hope you enjoy the joy and magic of the Christmas season.

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