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Belonging at Westbrook Community Church

At Westbrook, we believe in Belonging, Becoming (more like Christ), and Being (a blessing to the world). This first installment will be about Belonging. 

There is nothing scarier than going someplace where you think you won’t know anyone. It’s human nature, as we are social creatures. What if I told you that we, at Westbrook, already know you and you know us? Here’s what I mean. We have a steady stream of first-time visitors. Some have just moved to the area and are looking for a church home; some have attended a local church and are looking for something different, some come from a religious tradition and want to reconnect with their faith, and some are curious about “The Jesus Thing.” Well, our congregants have come from all of those places. We know you because we are you. But why do we stay? Because we Belong. In my case, I felt that I Belonged from the first time I set foot at Chaska High School, which was our last stop before we built our building. 

Here’s my story:

I was invited to substitute on guitar in the praise band, which appeared to be a random request. I didn’t know the music director, had never heard of Westbrook, and, maybe, played one praise song in my life. I’m a bit odd because I thought, “Cool! Why not!” I didn’t realize that it was part of God’s Plan for me. As I was learning the songs, I felt like the music was speaking to me. I quickly shrugged that off. When I arrived at the service, a fellow named Kevin (who I found out later was the pastor), introduced himself and sincerely welcomed me. I thought, “That’s really nice!” I figured that I was just a substitute musician and would play once and never come back. 

Everyone, and I mean everyone, introduced themselves and welcomed me: Rob, Andrew, Bertha, Jason, Jim, Julie… I thought, “Wow, everyone here is sooooo welcoming.”

Prior to the service, I was invited to pray with them. I initially thought, “Oh, oh, that Weird Christian Thing is going to happen.” It didn’t. Just normal people who love God, talking to Him. 

Well, one wonderful experience led to another, and I was invited to play guitar for the next three months, was guided by Kevin through a Bible study, became a member of Westbrook (no big deal) and got baptized (big deal). 

Now, I, and many others, make sure that everyone, from first timers to seasoned members feel that they Belong. We’re just sharing our experience. 

When you come to Westbrook for the first time, I bet you’ll feel like you Belong, like I do. 

If you would like to hear our praise band, we will be performing at The Charlson Thun Band Shell in Victoria, on Thursday, June 20th, from 6-8PM. 

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